6 Reasons the IRS Scandal Leads to Obama


Obama is today’s definition of Treason…. Our country takes a very rigid posture on trader’s or anyone in public office that abuses their office for personal gain; with total disregard for the will of the people.  He is the antithesis of the American culture and the destroyer of the American Dream.  He has shifted the country’s civil liberties through omission of support for our Allied like minded nations  and unilaterally redirected the tax payers aid to promote the Muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda causes in black ops efforts without the shadow of responsibility that would enlighten the true Obama agenda to the people. He is responsible for enslaving the children of the United States in the years to come and further burdening the middle class citizens with a debt that will essentially wipe the world currency dollar into a realized three cent value as the nation gets overwhelmed with civil war and a house divided in a conflict that will be the last stand for the democracy that once was considered to be the most powerful country in existence. Just remember that you made the choice that are making today to either sit idle and await the quite transformation of American freedoms…  Or fight like hell to keep your Freedoms and way of life.